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When Republicans Win, New Hampshire Thrives

New Hampshire House Republicans are the only political party in Concord that advocate for lower taxes, personal freedom, and limited government. House Republicans believe in putting New Hampshire's families first. We fight for policies that keep your paycheck in your hands and keep government in its proper roll of supporting the citizens, not towering over them or getting in their way.

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When New Hampshire Republicans set the budget and political priorities in Concord, the State sees lower unemployment, more growth, and higher attainment across nearly all metrics from education to healthcare. This means a better and stronger New Hampshire. We see the results from our neighboring states, which use heavy handed government to tax and regulate its citizens which is why so many of them end up moving to New Hampshire!

House Republicans fundamentally believe in the State's motto of Live Free or Die and we are proud of New Hampshire's independence streak and being different from the rest of the New England states. We know that low taxes are a result of low spending and we fight for a government that is smaller, leaner, and focuses on its core functions not one that seeks to invade the lives of everyday people. 

In order to preserve the New Hampshire we all know and love, the Committee to Elect House Republicans recruits, trains, and campaigns for candidates that share our vision for New Hampshire so that we can continue to keep New Hampshire the most free state in the country and one that will be the best to live, work, play, and retire. 

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